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Having a precisely calibrated tax system: this is the major challenge for every company. Tailor-made local advice and support in the event of disputes are the keys to protecting you and your company.

Given the specific expertise of some of the partners in our team in the banking field, we devote a significant part of our activity to assisting mutual and network banks. Part of our team also dedicates its activity to assisting French and international companies, small and middle-size companies and ETIs, in order to anticipate obstacles related to the complex and strategic nature of taxation. We advise you both on the most appropriate tax structuring for your transactions and in the event of a tax audit.

We assist numerous companies in the banking, finance, distribution, hotel, health, cosmetics, non-profit organizations, pension and provident institutions and agricultural cooperatives.

We also provide you with personal assistance to optimize the impact of taxation on your professional and personal assets.


  • Assistance in the context of tax audits and litigation follow-up
  • Taxation of external growth operations, divestments, restructuring, LBO, implementation of management packages
  • Tax audits and optimization of operational tax situations
    – IS,
    – VAT,
    – Local direct taxes
  • Direct local taxation
    – Territorial economic contribution,
    – Property tax,
    – Office tax
  • Assistance in real estate taxation, direct or indirect, with the sector’s stakeholders
    – Leasing institutions,
    – Builders,
    – Merchants,
    – Users
  • Optimization of the holding and organization of the succession of the estate.

Practical case

Assistance of a group within the framework of a restructuring operation involving more than 10 companies, 7 of which are loss-making, within the framework of tax consolidation:

  • Identification of the most efficient structure to carry out all the operations and definition of the target structure.
  • Establishment of tax clauses in treaties and contributions
  • Follow-up with the Bureau des Agréments et des Rescrits to obtain the transfer of the deficits of the operating companies.
  • Assistance with post-restructuring reporting formalities

Thibault Soria


Etienne Osmond


Odile Courjon

Of counsel

Sanissa Guiorguieff


Charlotte Véniard

Of counsel

Benoît Dambre


Raphael Sarfati


Arnaud Giroire

Of counsel

Vincent Garcia


Thierry Jestin


Christophe Vannoote



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