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Our CSR Commitments

To be committed to sustainable consulting is to behave ethically and respectfully towards society, our customers and our employees.

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External Commitments

In all its activities PDGB takes into consideration the objectives of sustainable development in its ecological, economic and social dimensions.

Master 2 Law and CSR, University of Paris Dauphine

PDGB sponsors the Prize for the best CSR thesis, created in 2008 for students of the Master 2 Rights and CSR, whose vocation is to reaffirm the growing importance of research in the world of business and finance.

Companies must ask themselves the question of their responsibility and their impact on the environment and society. In this respect, CSR research is essential to guide and develop organizations towards an increasingly virtuous economic system.

PDGB has chosen to sponsor the Prize for the best CSR thesis, created in 2008 for students of the Master 2 ” 122 ” Rights and Corporate Social Responsibility. After having followed a multidisciplinary program covering the different pillars of corporate social responsibility while associating law and finance, the best students of this Master 2 are rewarded by participating in the Best CSR Thesis Award. The aim of this prize is to reaffirm the growing importance of research, individually or in teams of two, in the world of business and finance, while demonstrating the employability of the students who follow this course.

PDGB accompanies these students, who choose both the corporate world and a legal profession, to give them an even wider choice of opportunities and careers. Throughout the year, we regularly suggest to students research topics that are part of a CSR concern. We also monitor the students and offer the winners paid internship opportunities.

A roof for the bees

PDGB contributes to the preservation of our biodiversity by sponsoring 2 beehives and 80,000 bees belonging to the association.

Bees pollinate the vast majority of plant species in temperate environments worldwide. Thus and thanks to them, more than 80% of flowering plants reproduce and a third of what we eat depends on their work.

PDGB participates, on its own scale, in the protection of bees, the development of colonies and thus the preservation of our biodiversity by sponsoring 2 beehives and 80,000 bees of the association ‘Un toît pour les abeilles’ (A roof for bees).

Droit comme un H

PDGB has developed a partnership with the association that identifies talent, even with disabilities, in universities and law schools.

Assistance, cooperation and sharing are essential values in the life of a company. At PDGB, we are committed to working with people with disabilities to facilitate their inclusion in professional life because we are convinced that diversity in the company is a real enrichment for our professional environment.

We have developed a partnership with the association ‘Droit comme un H’ which identifies talent from the Bachelor’s level upwards in universities and law schools. In addition to the awareness-raising campaigns that we run among our employees, partners and clients, we offer internships to students with disabilities supported by the association.

Women’s Foundation

PDGB supports the Women’s Foundation, which advocates gender equality and combats violence against women.

We consider it essential to fight against the gender inequalities still present in our societies.  Hence, we provide financial support to the Women’s Foundation and take part with our teams in the Night of the Relays, a 2-hour mixed team relay race, which takes place indoors at the Grand Palais.

The Women’s Foundation works to promote gender equality and combat violence against women. Under the aegis of the Fondation Agir Contre l’Exclusion (FACE), which is recognized as being of public utility, it collects funds that are then redistributed to various associations chosen by the Women’s Foundation

The Foundation’s action is based on five key areas:

  • Support of hotlines for women who are victims and for witnesses,
  • Help in the creation of Women Shelters: a special haven where they can find counseling and assistance,
  • Raising awareness among younger people about respect and equality, as well as the prevention of violence against women,
  • Legal support to help women victims of violence and their families to claim their rights,
  • Development of innovative activities for the psychological and physical rehabilitation of women victims of violence. et

Internal Commitments

PDGB is committed to being eco-responsible and proactive in order to reduce environmental impact, enhance the protection of nature and promote sustainable development within its firm.

Waste sorting and recycling

We have dedicated containers for each use on each floor of our offices: plastic, cartridges, coffee capsules, batteries, etc.