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Women’s Foundation

PDGB supports the Women’s Foundation, which advocates gender equality and combats violence against women.

We consider it essential to fight against the gender inequalities still present in our societies.  Hence, we provide financial support to the Women’s Foundation and take part with our teams in the Night of the Relays, a 2-hour mixed team relay race, which takes place indoors at the Grand Palais.

The Women’s Foundation works to promote gender equality and combat violence against women. Under the aegis of the Fondation Agir Contre l’Exclusion (FACE), which is recognized as being of public utility, it collects funds that are then redistributed to various associations chosen by the Women’s Foundation

The Foundation’s action is based on five key areas:

  • Support of hotlines for women who are victims and for witnesses,
  • Help in the creation of Women Shelters: a special haven where they can find counseling and assistance,
  • Raising awareness among younger people about respect and equality, as well as the prevention of violence against women,
  • Legal support to help women victims of violence and their families to claim their rights,
  • Development of innovative activities for the psychological and physical rehabilitation of women victims of violence. et