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Competition, EU Law

Faced with an increasingly complex economic framework, which is a source of risk both for their finances and their reputation, companies operating on the French market need specialized and responsive support that is adapted to their activity.

We work with French and international companies of all sizes and in a variety of sectors, with particular added value in transactional or international cases, which require both technical expertise and project management.

As advisors, we assist you in analyzing the compliance of your commercial practices or those of the market with respect to competition law (anti-competitive practices, unfair trading practices towards business partners, acts of unfair competition).

Our specialised team also supports you in obtaining clearance for your mergers and acquisitions under merger control, to ensure the success of your external growth.

Finally, we assist you in analysing the obligations governing your economic activity at French and European level, and in particular in navigating the demanding rules on consumer protection and the new requirements linked to the promotion of the circular economy.

As litigators, we are able to represent you, both as plaintiff and defendant, before the French authorities and courts (Competition Authority, commercial courts) and at EU-level (European Commission, Court of Justice of the European Union).

Some cases may be the subject of transactions with the administration, for which we assist you in your negotiations.


  • Antitrust (cartels, abuse of dominant position, restrictions of competition, abuse of economic dependence, actions for damages)
  • Abusive practices (unfair competition, unfair trading practices)
  • Transactional (merger control, foreign investment control)
  • European Union law (freedom of movement, compliance of national law with EU regulations and directives)
  • Consumer law (commercial policy, sales promotion, unfair terms, advertising, legal guarantees)
  • Economic regulation (conditions of exercise of your activity, product conformity, resale at a loss, payment terms)
  • Circular economy (eco-design, programmed obsolescence, right to repair, recycling, waste management)

Cas pratique

“Smoking Gun – Advising a German energy group on the competition law aspects of a major acquisition in France:

  • Merger control ;
  • Identification of competition risks in the context of the audit of the target ;
  • Implementation of a mitigation strategy for the risks incurred as a result of the identified anti-competitive practice ("Smoking Gun")

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