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Regular changes in the field of social law require companies to constantly adapt and be flexible. Therefore, they need local assistance in order to manage their relationships with their employees efficiently.

Our Employment Law team assists you, in both advisory and litigation matters, in employment law, social protection, in the day-to-day management of human resources and the management of employment issues in the context of corporate transformations – mergers and acquisitions or restructuring.

The HR directors of large private and public companies and the managers of small and middle-size companies come to us for our cutting-edge expertise to respond to complex individual or collective social issues.

The Employment Law Department works for the private sector, the public sector, the para-public sector and the social and solidarity-based economy. It has developed special expertise in public employment law for public companies and social security institutions. The category of public companies includes organisations that can take different legal forms (EPIC, SA with partially public capital, SEM, etc.).

Working in English allows us to deal with international cases.


  • Company agreements and relations with staff representative bodies
    • Profit-sharing
    • pre-electoral memorandum of understanding
    • negotiation of agreements
    • work time
  • Employment contracts
  • Compensation and benefits policy
  • Senior Management
    • Negotiation of severance packages,
    • Amicable dispute resolution and representation before the civil courts
  • Implementation of employee savings policies
  • Relations with social organizations
  • Pre-litigation and litigation at risk
  • Restructuring and employment
  • International Mobility
  • Corporate offices
    • Articulation of corporate offices and employment contracts
  • Advice and auditing in social matters in the context of mergers and acquisitions
  • Health and Safety
    • Work accidents / Occupational diseases
    • Quality of life at work
    • Psychosocial risks
  • Additional social protection
  • Public companies / Public service
  • Compliance: ethical charters; codes of conduct; CSR
  • Professional training: in-house at our clients’ premises on topics of their choice

Practical case

Implementation of new collective staff regulations and an employee savings scheme for three semi-public companies that have merged into an economic and social unit (UES).

  • The objective of the creation of the UES was to harmonise social conditions between its member companies by building a common base of measures applicable to all employees and setting up an employee savings scheme.
  • Assistance in the procedure of denunciation of the existing agreements and practices and in the negotiations with the social partners in order to conclude a new replacement agreement.
  • Drafting of a collective agreement relating to the harmonisation of the social base (working hours and organisation of working time, teleworking, social benefits, termination indemnities, etc.) and two draft agreements relating to employee savings (PEE, PERCO) taking into account the specificities of the three companies.

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